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Fleet / Film Production Vehicles and  Support Vehicles
50' Trailer  Exterior wash                              $100.00

Semi Truck/tractor                                         $75.00 /$100.00

10Ton Camera truck                                     $100.00

Generator Truck                                            $100.00 

Crew Stake  Bed                                          $45.00

Stake Bed                                                      $35.00

Van Body truck   Large                                $85.00

Van Body Truck Small                                 $65.00

Passenger Van                                            $45.00         

SUV                                                               $35.00

Passenger Vehicle                                      $30.00

Trailers for Cast & Makeup                        $100.00 Exterior Only      

Cast/ Crew multi passenger Vans            $100.00

Golf Carts                                                    $25.00

Specialty Equipment By Estimate.

All Pricing subject to Change depending on size and customer requirements. All prices negotiable based on prior expendages. We are here to cater to our clients, we will develop a program that best accomadates your needs and budget.  Please contact me for free estimate Thank You.  G. Perez